Sunday, November 21, 2010

The All Powerful MOLE

Hello Readers,
Today we will be focusing on this little strange creature right here:

Don't you think this creature is fascinating????
Why yes is, you reply, but I don't think this is what we're supposed to be focusing on. AND YOU ARE COMPLETELY RIGHT.

Actually, what we learned in class was mole conversions. In order to completely totally utterly understand conversions, you must know the mole map which I will oh so kindly show you:

Converting PARTICLES <-> MOLES
Remember, there are 6.022x10²³ particles in one mole
1 mole

So lets have an example now shall we?

Say there are 6 x 10^24 particles of carbon and somebody out there really wants you to convert that into moles. What will you do? I'll tell you:

6 x 10^24 particles x 1 mole/ 6.022 x 10²³ = 9.96 moles of carbon

Lets have an example:

Say that you have 4 moles of water (H20)and you NEEDED to find how many molecules there were within the water you had. Here is how you do it:

4 moles x 6.022 x 10²³ molecules/ 1 mole = 2.4 x 10^24 molecules of H20

LAST BUT NOT LEAST. Hold on to your horses guys, we're almost done.

Converting MOLES <-> GRAMS
Last example of the blog:

For example, you are given 1.5 moles of carbon and you needed to change that into grams. This is what you must do to gain ultimate world domination:

1.5 moles x 12.0 g/ 1 mole = 18.0g of Carbon

And there you have it folks.

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