Thursday, September 30, 2010

[LAB DAY!] Chemical and Physical Changes. Y'all.

The theme of our post today, is the Southern Accent. 

Hai y'all. As y'all know Chemistry ain't no joke ny' more. Now we ain't meanin' to be aggravatin' y'all, but we're gunna needa pull our legwarmers up and get summa that edgy-cation our folks are always talkin' bout'.

Now that you have all had your giggles and snorts. Let us dive right in. 

Recall that we had 3 objectives in mind before we began the lab.

1) to observe changes while working in the lab
2) to understand why each reaction is chemical or physical
3) to record recognizable characteristics of chemical changes

Basically, this is what Ms. Chen WANTS us to gain from this lab. Ahem.
Which... we did. Right? (SAY YES.)

Well, we aren't going to write out all the procedures because normal people wouldn't have a long enough attention span to read it all. SOO we're going to sum it up for your benefit. You're welcome. :)
(Thank the Lord that you all are normal. Well... most of you all anyway.)

Because it's "important", we are going to list all the materials used in the lab... good for future reference!
- 4 small test tubes
- test-tube rack (We seriously wonder whether or not these were made in woodworking class by some unfortunate soul who had to make this boring thing as their final project!)
- 4 medicine droppers
- glass square
- lab arpon
- safety goggles
- 4 unknown solutions

Anywhooo, so we were given 4 mysterious highly toxic and illegal solutions.
(Because our well being is not a priority. Duh.)

Four solutions we labeled A, B, C, and D.
We mixed B+A, C+A, C+B, D+A, pigs+mushrooms, rats+lions, bubble tea+pottery ....... and we got a RAINBOW : D

Okay well maybe we didn't quite mix the last few but you get the point. (But wouldn't it be cool if we did?)
So, what we had to do was place all these different solutions together in a glass dish and see what kind of magical scientific reaction occured when they mixed.

If the mixture was bubbling or fizzy or changing colour, we could tell definately that it was a chemical change. So basically, anything strange that occured (like the fact that we have HST) you know its a chemical change.
If the mixture stayed the same and nothing happened to it (like you refusing to move from the couch when you're chilling and pigging out) then you know its a physical change.

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