Friday, February 4, 2011

Lab of Joy

Hello all. Today in class, we all performed a lab. If you are a confused soul who has no idea what I'm talking about- refer to lab 5B (page. 52 in your lab text book).

Anyways, this lab was all about seeing all the different types of chemical reactions. These exist in four main categories:

-Synthesis (A + B -> AB)
-Decomposition (AB -> A + B)
-Single Replacement (AB + X -> A + XB) *switch non-metals with non-metals, or metals with metals
-Double Replacement (AB + XY -> AY + XB)

There were seven unique reactions for you to test out in this lab, and hopefully you all recorded your results on the chart that was supposed to be copied and completed. This lab should have expanded your knowledge with reactions, because you were actually able to see what it looked like.

All 4 types of reactions listed above were present in the lab, and if you did not realize it, your head must've been in the clouds. Be sure to reread the lab and make sure you understand what you were doing step by step.

You should now be more comfortable working with lab equipment and various chemicals + solids. If you didn't dispose of your waste properly (down the sink with lots of water, or in the special waste containers) remember to keep that in mind for our next lab.

The lab write up is due next class, so be sure to have that completed and ready to go. A thorough understanding of chemical reactions in general is needed to answer the required lab questions.

Good luck!

If this happened during your lab, you did it wrong. :)


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